Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So you want to be a PRINCESS

Imagine all the pretty jewels and tiaras you'll get to wear, and all the beautiful, long, flowing dresses, and the perfect, sparkling shoes. And think about the magnificent castle you'll live in, with all those elegant turrets and fluttering flags and cute little men in uniforms with swords standing outside. And don't forget your shimmering golden horse-drawn carriage that will take you wherever you want to go, even to the poshest shops which will open specially just for you and give you whatever you want for free.

And try not to think about the paparazzi pack ready to follow your every move for the rest of your life, including - but not restricted to - your bad acne, tears, fashion mistakes, cellulite, angry outbursts, solitude, embarrassing situations, fear, nipple flashes, frustration, and horrific accidents involving fast cars and concrete pillars in Paris.

It will be just like living in a fairytale, won't it?