Friday, June 5, 2009

So you want to drive a BIG TRUCK

Yeah, bro! Go for it, like, totally. Buy a really big shiny pickup with big wheels and big lights and big tires and big roll bars and a big gun rack and big flames painted on it. Yeeeeah! That would be AWESOME! You can drive around in the mud in it, and sling bales of hay and big planks and bricks and tough stuff like that in the back, and hang out next to it with your friends drinking light beers safe in the knowledge that you're all manly men doing manly things.

Just like in those ads.

You know, the ones on TV for big trucks made by hard-assed truck makers like Dodge and Ford and Chevy. The ones showing manly men doing manly things, looking buff, and wearing tight T-shirts. The ones that don't have a single woman in them, anywhere, ever. Yeah! That's the stuff. Real men. Manly men. Together.

Because we think it's wonderful that you've finally come to terms with what you've always suspected deep down in your manly crotch: Real men like you love real men like them. Congratulations, we're proud of you, you big tough hunk of man you.